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Louder Space with Bassist Oren Ben-Joseph

Louder Space with Bassist Oren Ben-Joseph

Louder Space is a rock band based out of San Luis Obispo CA, blending elements of alternative, funk, and reggae sounds into their music. Starting as local favorites, Louder Space has emerged on the forefront of the independent music scene, touring up and down the California coast.

Oren Ben-Joseph is the  bassist & manager for Louder Space. He has been playing bass for almost 8 years now, starting in high school. His main setup is the Fender Jazz bass, through a Warwick amp/cab stack. He loves experimenting and featuring his wah & distortion pedals throughout their music. Being a four piece (drums, guitar, bass, vox), there is a lot of room for he and the guitarist to fill. This allows for him to use the bass as a more significant and signature role in their songs.

Earlier in 2013, the band released its first three singles for their upcoming album. This winter they will hit the studio to finish up their first full LP. Stay updated at

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