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Bass Book - CARL RADLE BASS LINESWelcome to this collection of Carl Radle transcriptions. Carl played with a lot of rock and rock-blues style acts in the late 60s and through the 70s to his tragically early death in 1980. He is probably best known for his work with Eric Clapton and Derek And The Dominos – and his work with those acts is what is represented in this collection of transcriptions.

This collection of transcriptions isn’t an attempt to document Carl’s style. Instead it’s putting some of Carl’s material out there for bass players to learn and play. At some stage in the future when I’ve transcribed more of Carl’s playing I’ll attempt a style file that summarizes the kind of stylistic devices and rhythms that Carl used in his bass lines with EC and with the Dominos.

Carl may not have played flashy lines, but he did what every bass player should strive to do – he always makes the song sound better.This includes accurate note-for-note transcription, one written in standard notation and TAB, and the other in just standard notation. 168 pages altogether.

CARL RADLE BASS LINES available at Bassbooks.com

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