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GARY TALLENT BASS LINESWelcome to this collection of Garry Tallent transcriptions. Garry Tallent of course is known as the bassist for Bruce Springsteen/The E Street Band. And Garry held down this role for Springsteen when he was producing great material. It’s only my opinion, but the ‘golden period’ (for both Springsteen and Garry Tallent) was the late 70s to early 80s.

That period encompassed The River and Born In The USA. Both of those albums showcase Garry’s playing in what I believe is a virtual masterclass in rock bass playing. Garry’s particular skill is in creating lines that are dynamic and interesting – and delivering those lines in a band situation where the band sound is fuller than normal. And yet he manages to deliver those dynamic and interesting lines without claashing with any of the others (that can be tricky where you have multiple guitars and piano and organ).

One of the great things about Garry’s playing is that it’s relatively accessible for most bass players. He rarely plays the kind of virtuosic lines that say Geddy Lee plays. So players of lesser abilities can actually listen to some of his work and envisage themselves playing it – which is encouraging and inspiring in equal measures.

The true measure of what Garry created though is only appreciated when you sit down and analyze what he’s done. And then you start to see the nuances of rhythmic variations, pitch variations and so on that he incorporated in these lines. This includes accurate note-for-note transcription, one written in standard notation and TAB, and the other in just standard notation. 151 pages altogether.

GARY TALLENT BASS LINES available at Bassbooks.com

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