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Bass Musician Magazine Q&A with Walter Finnerty


Bass Musician Magazine Q&A with Walter Finnerty

Bassist Walter Finnerty-1Name: Walter Finnerty

Born In What City: Philadelphia, PA

Current Band(s) I Play With: Michelle Danette Christain Smooth Jazz Recording Artist, Freelnace Gigs as well.  Also an active Bass Clinician. (Pic of my Slap Bass Students included below.) Sponsored by Brittany Frompovich and the Virginia Bass Forum.

Former Bands I Have Played With: Red Alert, Philly George, Fazes Band, Mike Tyler, David Hughes, Webb Thomas, Richard Tucker, William Bostic (Currently with Painted Man Band), Tim Hutton.

CD’s I’ve Released/Been a Part Of: I have a Single out called Nobody Funks Like Finn but it’s not too current. Looking to put out a CD within a year or so. It’s a lot of work. Single can be heard and downloaded at my Bandmix page.

Describe… The Way I Play Bass: I slap and play funky  finger-style but with a deep and unique feel that’s all my own.

Share… Why I Decided to Play Bass: I like the big round Phat and powerful bottom that only bass can provide. Also once I heard Larry Graham I was locked in.

My Musical Influences: Larry Graham, Ronald Kool Bell, Bootsy Collins, Louis Johnson

My Favorite Musical Styles: F.U.N.K.

My Bass(es): Brubaker KXB-5 Custom, Brubaker MJXSC-5 Single Cut, Brubaker Brute MJX5, Fender Geddy Jazz, SX Jazz (one of the original good ones), Fatdawg Custom Project Bass.

Bassist Walter Finnerty-2

My Amps and Other Gear: Tecamp PUMA 500. Old Made in England Trace Elliot GPSM7 300, SWR Workingman’s 400. Eden 2×12 Bass Cab

I am Endorsed By: Brubaker Guitars. I also have an offer on the table from Tecamp.

The Best Bass Advice I Have Ever Received: I was 15 playing in an adult night club in Philly at a place called the Inntowner. Our band was the warmup band. The Band after us was called Pitch Black. Their bass player came up to me and said, “That was good young-boy now I’m going to show you how it’s done.” He played his Fender Jazz with such authority, finesse, showmanship and ownerhip it permanently changed the way I look at playing bass in a live setting. He not only played it, he owned it. This is why I have the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass. It looks just like the bass that guy Darrell Pridgen (I think that was his name) had!!!!

One Piece Of Advice I Can Share With Other Bassists: Stop copycatting the greats and get your own damn voice. I’m sick of cats sounding like they came out of the same cookie cutter. This is exactly why I’ll listen to a cat but I won’t learn his licks or tricks. Have you noticed how many cats on the internet sound like each other? It’s scary.

Favorite Quote or Life Philosophy: If you are just an option for someone never make them a priority.

Most Amazing Gig so Far: Outdoor concert in Japan in front of about 10,000 fans and I nailed my bass solo.

Dream Gig: Maceo Parker

Best NAMM Moment: Waiting for Brubaker and AP Intl to pick up the tab LOL!!!!

Most Embarrassing Moment on Stage: No comment LOL!!!!

Favorite Tip to Share on Traveling With Your Bass: HAVE INSTRUMENT INSURANCE.

What Would I Be Doing If I Weren’t a Musician: I happen to have a day job as my wife is disabled. I’m a Unix Systems Computer Engineer. If I couldn’t play music however, I’m afraid to imagine what I might be into LOL!!!!

The Question No One Ever Asks Me, But I Have Been Dying to Share: Are you really any good? One day everybody get tested. I’ve been Tested and Certified in many aspects of my life. To include Bass Playing.

Here’s What I Have Coming Up This Year: A new custom signature fretless build. More live gigs as my wife and I deal with her situation. Strat working on my own material for my Bass Centric CD. Everybody and their brother has one I might as well do one too.

Find Me Online:\phillybass101

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