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Alpine MusicSafe Pro®earplugs with Filters Showing at NAMM

Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs with Filters Showing at NAMMExtensive research has shown that 3 in 4 musicians suffer from damage to their hearing. Phil Collins, Sting, Eric Clapton, Cher, Rod Steward, these are just a few of the performers who have suffered hearing damage during their musical career. Musicians run a significant risk of sustaining hearing damage in their work. This is often paired with a permanent ‘beep’ sound or crackling in the ears.

Alpine has developed unique MusicSafe Pro earplugs especially for musicians and DJs. MusicSafe Pro hearing protection attenuates the sound to a safe level. The music is still perfectly clear and undistorted. This is possible thanks to the hearing protection’s special AlpineAcousticFilters. MusicSafe Pro comes with three different filter sets for light, medium and heavy attenuation. MusicSafe Pro earplugs are made from AlpineThermoShape material which moulds to your ear canal in response to the warmth of your body. They are very comfortable and you will soon forget that you are wearing them. At last, safely able to enjoy music.

At NAMM you can find us at the booth of American Music & Sound #6464.

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