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Audiofly Announces the Hybrid AF140 Triple Driver Performance Series In-Ear Monitor

Audiofly Announces the Hybrid AF140 Triple Driver Performance Series In-Ear MonitorAudioflyTM, is an award-winning innovator of premium headphones for discerning music lovers and musicians. The company continues to advance detailed, full spectrum, sound technology with the addition of the AF140 to the Audiofly Performance Series of In-Ear Monitors (IEMs). The AF140integrates a dynamic driver with two balanced armature drivers, adding crossover circuitry that will redefine the reproduction of detailed sound for in-ear monitors.

“Our goal was to create an in-ear monitor with a warm, full bass response, and detailed reproduction through the mids and highs. That’s why we’ve combined the two driver technologies. We kept an eye on durability and long term comfort too, so you’ll want to take your AF140s with you to enjoy music between gigs and while traveling,” added Dave.

Audiofly crafted a duet of balanced armature drivers combined with a dynamic driver for each ear. Designed for performing musicians or simply music lovers, the AF140 is equipped with a noise isolating fit and a choice of ear tips for long term listening comfort. The Audioflex™ SL cable is geared for stage use with a super light twisted cable near the performer’s head and durable Cordura® fabric covering the remainder. For leisure use and crystal clear conversations, the AF140I model offers an Audioflex™ CT (Clear-Talk™) cable enabling control of calls, volume and playback on Apple® devices.

What is a Hybrid In-ear monitor? 

Hybrid refers to the combination of two distinct driver (or speaker) types. Firstly, a dynamic driver or moving coil driver is the standard for consumer headphones. It has a warm, natural response and its strength is replicating lower frequencies. In contrast, a balanced armature driver is smaller in size and can produce more sound from less power making it the “go to” driver for in-ear monitors.  The armature sits exactly centered within a magnetic field so there is no force on the armature, thus the term ‘balanced.’ The armature coil is held in the center by two magnets until an electrical current stimulates it, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and create a sound wave. Balanced armatures can be “tuned” to focus on the highs, mids or lows or can reproduce the entire sound spectrum. Typified by the AF140, the hybrid approach is about utilizing the strengths of each driver type. The effortless balanced armatures tuned to deliver highs and mids, combined with a dynamic driver to deliver a luscious bottom-end response. With multiple drivers optimized for particular frequency bands, a passive crossover in each ear splits the audio signal, routing it to the appropriate driver.

About Audiofly

Audiofly is an award-winning sound innovator, evolving current technologies into improved in-ear designs. The widely acclaimed AF78 is a 2013 CES Innovations Award honoree, which validates the company’s relentless dedication to precision engineering, classic design, user comfort and detailed authentic sound. These standards define all of Audiofly’s highly acclaimed products. Behind the Audiofly brand is a team of hardworking musicians and audio designers, creating quality in-ear headphones for musicians and passionate music lovers. For more information on experiencing the true sound of music, visit the company at Talk to Audiofly on Twitter and Facebook.

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