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Fethi Okutan Project

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Fethi Okutan Project

Fethi Okutan ProjectThe Fethi Okutan Project was initiated in 2008. After compositions were prepared by FETH? OKUTAN, A great number of Turkey’s reputed musicians and studios have supported this long-running project, which has been created with meticulousness and care.

What sets Fethi Okutan Project different from other projects in Turkey is that, it has endeavoured on a task which has never been realized in Turkey before. Fethi Okutan Project is the first rock-bass album ever produced in Turkey. Rock-Bass albums, which are rare around the world, are productions whose recording and production stages are much more difficult in comparison with other types of instrumental albums, as they are created with a professional team through a long and painstaking work. The album was mastered by the world famous mastering engineer Ian Cooper.

In the bass guitar recordings of the album, the overdub technique has not been used at all. The album targets receiving the attention of instrumental music lovers, especially bass guitar lovers who keep track of quality music production.

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