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Markbass Artist Appearances NAMM 2014

Markbass Artist Appearances NAMM 2014

Markbass was founded in 2001 by Marco De Virgiliis in Italy. Marco was an electrical engineer working in the telecommunications field, and in the late 80s he decided to start making bass amps and cabinets with Sisinio Olivastri, now Senior Engineer for Markbass. They worked for several years refining their designs, trying to create products that would faithfully reproduce the sound of any instrument played through it. The first brand was called Parsek. In the late 90s, Marco entered a partnership with Ernie Ball and created a brand called Audiophile. During that period Marco pioneered the use of neodymium speakers for bass enclosures, through a partnership with B&C speakers. After a couple of years Marco decided to found his own company, and Markbass was born.

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