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Dutch Luthier Rikkers Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Two New Bass Models, the Acoustiline and Acidline

Celebrating our 30th anniversary, Rikkers Custom Bass Guitars from Holland introduces two new bass models. Both our Acoustiline and Acidline models will be presented at the London Bass Guitar Show on 1-2 March 2014. Here we’ll also introduce our limited edition of 30th Anniversary Hollowline basses.

Rikkers Custom Basses & Guitars from The Netherlands are traditional builders of exclusive custom instruments. We take pride in old-school craftsmanship, preferring the use of hand tools as much as possible. Rikkers basses and guitars are fully custom made, entirely to the wishes and specifications of the musician. Therefore, each Rikkers is a unique instrument of which only one will ever be built.

Rikkers Acoustiline
The Rikkers Acoustiline is an acoustic bass that is specifically designed to deliver a well-defined acoustic signal to the amplifier. The instrument features distinctive bass-reflex ports in the upper bout that project the sound of the instrument to the player. Similar to a double bass, the Acoustiline has an arched spruce top and a striped maple back. Its body is completely hollow and it has an X-brace to reinforce the top. In order to create a natural, transparent sound, the bass features a rosewood tailpiece and bridge with an integrated pickup system.

Rikkers AcidlineThe Rikkers Acidline is a modern interpretation of the Jazz Bass. The instrument features a super stiff bolt-on neck made of quarter-sawn hard maple, and two hand-wound Rikkers JB pickups paired with an Aguilar OBP-3 tone control.

The Acidline combines a nice grunt with a very tight low B. Therefore, the Acidline is interesting for discerning J-bass players who are open to a more contemporary, dominant version of the classic Jazz Bass sound and look.

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