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Barefaced Audio Announces New Generation 3 Bass Cabs

Barefaced Audio  Announces New Generation 3 Bass CabsBarefaced Audio have just announced their brand new Generation 3 bass cabs with the introduction of updated versions of their flagship best sellers the ‘Big Baby II’ and ‘Big Twin II’.

The full range 800W ‘Big Baby II’ is potent enough to punch and thunder through any loud rock gig, yet being only 12kg, this 1×12″ cab is also incredibly small and light. It has been designed to handle anything you can try to throw at it without breaking your back and still fitting in your car.

The 2×12″ 1600W ‘Big Twin II’ has also been updated. Through a redeveloped internal bracing design it is now stronger and at around 22Kg, even lighter than before. They are claiming it is more efficient than the best 4×10″ cabs, with more bottom end, much better dispersion and the maximum output of an 8×10″ stack.

Barefaced’s Alex Claber explains why they can make these outlandish claims:

“The key is our new custom 12XN550 speaker driver, which has taken around two years to develop. We wanted great transient response (timing), polar response (dispersion) and dynamic response (from quiet to loud) rather than just thinking about frequency response from low to high.”

“We found this gave the cabs an incredibly responsive feel when you play. It makes them unusually good at maintaining your tone at loud or quiet gigs, and still well defined regardless of the acoustics. We want our customers to be able to enjoy really deep and smooth mellow tones on a gig, the kind that sound lovely on record but often get lost in the mix when playing live.”

“The new Generation 3 – Big Series cabinets feature an advanced crossover and a high frequency compression driver on a large waveguide for much better tone and improved performance. This provides exceptionally clean treble response, but also allows the power handling and punch to take on the nastiest distorted bass sounds, or even fill a big venue without the need for PA support.”

Barefaced have greatly improved their cab construction to match the improved sonics with custom punched steel grills, tough new handles and feet, steel backplates with combi-speakon jack inputs and much stronger enclosures, while still managing to keep the weight down.

Barefaced design and manufacture in house, and to keep prices down sell direct from their factory in the UK. They ship internationally with customers across Europe, North America and Australasia. Prices for the new Big Series models start at £699.

More information can be found at their website

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