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JoStLe & Special Guests at Thomann Summer Festival {Update}

JoStLe & Special Guests at Thomann Summer FestivalThe Music Store Thomann from 96138 Burgebrach is celebrating its 20th Summer Festival – and its 60th Anniversary – on the 8th of June 2014.

And Warwick will be there, too!

Warwick will be joined at the event by JoStLe – a band consisting of world-class musicians, who will performing at the Thomann Amphitheater together with Chester Thompson, Armand Sabal- Lecco and Stuart Hamm as Special Guests. Unfortunately, JoStLe band member Lee Sklar won’t be taking part this year – but we’re sure our special guests will make up for his absence!

At a subsequent Meet&Greet, the renowned musicians will be available for a chat and for autograph-signing.

Together with Chester Thompson on drums, Armand Sabal-Lecco und Stuart Hamm, JoStLe will light one-of-a-kind musical fireworks!

JoStLe & Special Guests at Thomann Summer Festival, 8th June, 2014 

Starts: 16:00 o‘clock 

Ends: 18:00 o‘clock 

JoStLe consists of 

– Jonas Hellborg: Warwick-Artist

– Steve Bailey: Warwick-Artist

– Chester Thompson (Drums)

– and as “Special Guests”: Stuart Hamm & Armand Sabal-Lecco!

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