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Restrung – Randall Wyn Fullmer Documentary

Restrung - Randall Wyn Fullmer Documentary

Restrung – Documentary Film Release Featuring Randall Wyn Fullmer

He had always considered making guitars a passion, not an occupation, but in 2007, Randall Wyn Fullmer, an ordinary guy with a cat, turned his lifelong hobby into a full-out obsession. 

To launch on this adventure, he did what anyone else would do — he quit his high paying dream job at the Walt Disney Company, leaving behind a successful 20 year career of creating major motion pictures such as “Chicken Little” and “The Emperors New Groove”.  It seemed to make so much sense at the time!  With Disney in the rear-view, Randall launched his self-proclaimed “Mad Plan” and began crafting small-batch bass guitars full time.

From a beginner’s electrifying success to near break-down, this is a beautiful, honest and inspirational portrait of a passionate craftsperson who walked headlong into a foolhardy dream.

This is a true tale of a life unwound and restrung.


Restrung – Official Trailer from ENNS VISUALS on Vimeo.


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