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READ IT - NO MORE EXCUSESFrom naming the different parts of the Bass and explaining the Bass clef to sixteenth note runs, triplets and everything in between, Rod Goelz’s READ IT! (NO MORE EXCUSES) has you covered.

His wealth of knowledge and experience is more than evident in this book, providing insightful hints, quotes and practice ideas for players of any skill level.

Rod’s attitude and humor is made obvious from the first page, he comes right out and tells you the purpose of the book. “The idea is simple, give em’ a book that makes it fun to learn how to read music, and they will learn to read music. No nursery rhymes, no folk melodies adapted for electric bass… the real stuff… in the style of real players. Death to the reading methods that are older than your parents – methods that never witnessed James Brown or The Beatles… Woodstock or Punk Rock. It’s a brand new age,” and that age deserves a new kind of book. This is it. Written in standard notation only (no TAB). 101 pages.

READ IT! (NO MORE EXCUSES) available at BassBooks.com

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