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Framus & Warwick Have Gone Green

Framus & Warwick Have Gone Green

Framus & Warwick instruments went the electric way a long time ago.

Since some time the Markneukirchen, Germany based manufacturer has been highly active in the field of environmental protection. Now, everything becomes even greener. Recently, the two long-awaited E-Smarts from Mercedes-Benz arrived. Both are completely electric and completely green. Staying truthful to the Framus & Warwick philosophy, they come with a galvanizing custom shop look. Both E-Smarts are green in every way as they are powered with electricity from the company’s own combined heat and power station. Since 2014, Framus & Warwick has begun producing their complete power demand via their own combined heat and power station and solar plant.

Company founder and owner Hans-Peter Wilfer is driving one of the two E-Smarts, the second one is ready for local business duties. The first image shows Hans-Peter Wilfer with Florence Wilfer-Riboud and in the second with Marcus Spangler.

The Markneukirchen based manufacturer Framus & Warwick is strongly committed to environmental protection, renewable resources and carbon-neutral production. Since the beginning of 2013, all Framus & Warwick instruments, made in Germany as well as in Far East, are manufactured carbon-neutral. Furthermore, Framus & Warwick is self-sustaining regarding its own power demand. Not long ago solar collectors were installed on the roofs of the facility, but the generated power is not only used to satisfy the company’s entire power demand. The energy surplus of 20 – 35% is fed into the local power grid.

In August 2013, Framus & Warwick received a certificate for being the first Eco Audit EMAS III and ISO 14001 verified business in the European music industry! This prestigious award is exclusively given to businesses whose environmental protection efforts are in accordance with the strictest regulations. With the E-Smarts, Framus & Warwick is faithfully following the green path.

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