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Nordstrand Pickups Releases BigMan Bass Pickup

Nordstrand Pickups Releases BigMan Bass Pickup

The result of a questionable hair brained idea, and named after the fellow that had this idea (and it’s very imposing nature) the Nordstrand Pickups, BigMan Bass Pickup is not a subtle animal in the least.

Take a music man style cover and jam 2 Big Single pickups into that cover. Don’t bother using shorter magnets or less wire – just go for it! The result is a pickup that is fantastically muscular and unrelentingly powerful. Not for the faint of heart.

 This all new pickup features: 

•  A striking and aggressive appearance

•  Alnico V magnets. Lots of them.

•  Available in standard Music Man replacement sizes

•  Optimized for 250k pots

•  4 conductor lead wires allow switching options

Extensively designed, tested and built in the Nordstrand shop in Redlands, California, these pickups are available now at select dealers. Street price starts at $169 each.

Visit online at

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