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Esperanza Spalding Bass Transcription, Radio Song from Radio Music Society


Radio Song from Radio Music Society – Esperanza Spalding Bass Transcription…

Radio Song is the first track from Esperanza Spalding’s 2012 album ‘Radio Music Society’ and it demonstrates perfectly her use of melody, harmony and rhythm. The tonal center is based around A minor, but moves through other keys with the help of altered dominant chords and stylistic changes. Rhythmically, one section to note is between bars 41-42, where she uses a pattern based around 3 demisemiquavers to raise the tension before releasing it into the half-time jazz feel at section E. The whole piece is quite a workout, and we can use it to get an insight into her use of melody on the bass. The slides in the verse are very lyrical and compliment her sung melody, as well as the odd use of harmonics and semiquaver triplets to spice things up. If you haven’t heard Esperanza’s work before, this track will hopefully convince you to check out more of her recordings, there is some great double bass playing, as well as electric. Have fun!

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The transcription does not intend to violate any laws or copyrights, it is to be used for educational purposes (fair use).

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