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The 2015 Bass Guitar Calendar is Now Available


Now Available, the 2015 Bass Guitar Calendar

After many years of searching each holiday season for a quality banjo wall calendar without success, Rob Lardie, a professional graphic designer, decided to make it happen in 2014.
The First Edition of The Banjo Calendar featured 12 handcrafted banjos by 12 of the top banjo makers in the world. In its first year, sales far surpassed expectations, shipping to 45 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 12 countries around the world including Australia and Japan. Building on that success, Rob, working along with his son Ben, has now created the first-ever edition of the 2015 Bass Guitar Calendar.
The 2015 Bass Guitar Calendar is a limited edition premium calendar featuring 12 unique, hand crafted bass guitars by 12 top makers from around the world.
The makers include Fodera, F Bass, BassLab, Rg Custom Basses, Veillette, Overwater, Stambaugh, Spellinder, Seth Kimmel, Kinal, Jens Ritter and CB Bass. Each month highlights key dates of interest including birthdays, Grammy awards and more.
For 2015, Rob is also releasing the 2nd edition of the Banjo calendar, as well as the first-ever edition of the Acoustic Guitar Calendar.
For more information about the 2015 Bass Guitar Calendar, visit the website:
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