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Ampeg BA-115 Helps Aden Bubeck Bring Big Bass to Small Spaces

Ampeg BA-115 Helps Aden Bubeck  Bring Big Bass to Small Spaces

Acclaimed bassist and Ampeg SVT user Aden Bubeck has added the new BA-115 Bass Combo to his professional tool kit for both upright and electric gigs.

With a unique style that includes both upright and electric, bassist Bubeck routinely crosses musical boundaries. Currently holding it down for country star Miranda Lambert, his main touring rig consists of an Ampeg SVT-VR head with SVT-810 AV enclosure. Bubeck also plays rock, pop, jazz, and blues, both live and in studio, and plays at his church when not on the road.

Like many Ampeg users, Bubeck appreciates the new BA Series for its ability to achieve the classic Ampeg tone in a smaller, quieter package. “I love the fact that you can get that SVT sound without it being loud,” he says. “The BA Series is ideal in a club or smaller venue. I keep it set relatively flat and I can get that SVT sound without overplaying the stage. It’s also got that Bass Scrambler overdrive if you want some grit and still have it at a low volume.”

The BA-115 matches a 15-inch bass driver with a one-inch tweeter in a compact, road-ready cabinet. Bubeck appreciates the fact that he can switch off the tweeter if he wishes. “For something contemporary, I might leave the horn on, but when I go for an older style, a bit of a thuddier sound, I turn the tweeter off and leave the EQ flat,” he says. “That single 15 gives me the sound I’m looking for, with just enough upper overtones. It’s really well suited to an upright tone, and I get less finger noise, too. It really sounds great.”

Bubeck also appreciates the BA-115 for its ability to be deployed in a 60-degree floor wedge position. “I really dig the wedge aspect of it. I tend to use it in regular stand-up position, but I’ve used it in wedge mode a couple of times and it’s just awesome. I may be doing more of that.”

Aden Bubeck sees the BA Series as a perfect way to achieve the SVT sound in situations where the compact, 45-pound BA-115 cabinet is more appropriate than his classic SVT-810 touring enclosure. “The BA Series lets you get the SVT sound but without needing huge volume. I use mine mainly for club gigs and house practices and love it. It really has that Ampeg sound.”

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