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The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy Debuts with Bassists James Genus and Michael League

The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy Debuts with Bassists James Genus and Michael League

New Tommy Igoe release featuring icons Randy Brecker, James Genus, Michael League, Karl Perazzo and Kenny Washington among others.

San Francisco needed and now has a world-class band to call it’s own—it’s the Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy, the mighty 15-piece powerhouse that holds forth every Tuesday night at that city’s revered jazz nightclub, Yoshi’s. Created and led by Igoe, the multi-award winning drummer/bandleader, this residency has become most popular weekly music event in San Francisco—featuring members and alumni of Tower of Power, Santana, the Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan and more.

But something this action-packed couldn’t possibly be contained and now, the rest of the world will finally have a chance to get in on the Conspiracy. To be released on September 23rd, on Deep Rhythm Music, the band’s self-titled debut CD, The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy, captures all of the raw excitement of the group’s weekly gigs and more. Featuring original conceptions of pieces by such greats as Joe Zawinul (“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”), Quincy Jones (“Jessica’s Day”), Djavan (“Aquele Um”), Joshua Redman (“Jazz Crimes”), Arturo Sandoval (“Caprichosos De La Habana”) and a New Orleans blowout by Snarky Puppy that highlights the bands depth and power. The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy is like a living, playlist on shuffle mode; you never know what’s coming next and the surprises are full of joy and reckless abandon.

In addition to the core band, Igoe welcomes several prominent “Guest Conspirators”” to put their own stamp on this music. Featured are such heavies as Randy Brecker, vocalist Kenny Washington, bassists James Genus and Michael League, and percussionists Karl Perazzo and Scott Kettner.

When the Conspiracy gets into its groove, what audiences won’t hear is a sound they’ve heard before. Several of the most innovative arrangers on today’s music scene help tie the TIGC’s kinetic energy and stellar musicianship together. For the album, Igoe insisted on recording the entire band live in the studio. That, he feels, is the only way to truly capture the essence of the band. “We’ve worked hard to put on these incredible live shows and I want the CD to reflect that work.” Igoe says, “Does the world need another mediocre large ensemble CD, or another soulless studio band thrown together for a few days to record? No. There must be a better way. We must make our own space and claim our own identity. In this band, there are no rules and no bad ideas. We’ll draw from any source and we have loyalty only to quality. Anything, literally, anything goes. We are a jazz band with a rock and roll heart and that’s a blend that resonates with our fans. They come back again and again”.

“With our residency, we have had an opportunity to cultivate our sound to highest levels. I want to redefine what is possible and give our audience an experience that nobody thought possible. I am 100% dedicated to making a contribution to move the art form forward, and am so proud that we’re keeping live music alive on both coasts.”

About Tommy Igoe:

Tommy Igoe is one of the world’s most prominent drummers and bandleaders. He began drumming at the age of two and has gone on to craft a unique and diverse career, traveling the world with multiple Jazz and Pop artists before dedicating his creative focus exclusively on musical events that bear his own stamp.

He has won numerous awards and Reader’s Poll’s both as a performer and an educator. In addition to recently having won the 2014 Modern Drummer award for “Best Jazz Drummer”, he’s also authored three of the world’s top-selling music education products. A lesser-known fact: he created the drumset book for Disney when they produced “The Lion King” on Broadway and then used his classical training as the production’s Associate Conductor.

He is currently the only musician running not one, but two weekly residencies in the US: The TIGC in San Francisco and his Birdland Band, playing at the legendary Birdland Jazz Club in New York. His Grammy-winning acoustic drum studio, Deep Rhythm Music, is a world-class recording facility dedicated to the highest quality acoustic production possible.

Tommy currently lives in San Francisco.

Tommy Igoe is available for Interview at this time.

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