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Baer Amplification Introduces the VTI Tube Direct Box

Baer Amplification Introduces the VTI Tube Direct Box

Baer Amplification is proud to announce the VTI Tube Direct Box

The VTI was designed to provide musicians and studio engineers with an easy to transport direct box that rivals the lush, harmonically rich tone of some of the worlds finest vintage tube gear.

The VTI’s (ValveTrans Injection) unilateral Class A 12AU7 preamp was designed for clean tube tone with tons of headroom. The preamp is followed by a variable tube gain, push-pull output section that utilizes a custom wound, bifilar output transformer specifically designed to mimic the output characteristics of the large output transformers found in vintage tube power amps. This results in rich tube amp growl with outstanding fidelity and low end reproduction.

The VTI also features our unique Character section which combines a low end enhancement circuit with a variable high pass/ low pass filter section. The Character section adds subtle warmth and fullness to the low end, while giving users the ability to reduce subsonic rumbling and top end hiss. This feature works great on instruments like electric and acoustic bass, guitar, keys and drum machines and creates a tone that sits rock solid in the mix. The VTI also wonderful for re-amping tracks.

Other features of the VTI include:

• Switchable 750k ohm or 5M ohm input impedance for use with passive, active, or piezo pick-up equipped instruments.

• 1/4” THRU and POST outputs for feeding either tube/character processed, or unprocessed signal to the input jack of your amplifier

• Separate tube and solid state power supply transformers for superior noise isolation

• Soft limiting circuit to reduce harsh transient spikes

• Phase reversal switch

• Ground lift switch

• 115/230 operation

• Hand crafted in the USA

For more information contact: Baer Amplification LLC (661) 947-5336

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