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Bass Transcription – Less Than Jake – All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Bass Transcription - Less Than Jake - All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Bass Transcription – Less Than Jake – All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

For this month’s bass transcription, I’ve decided to take a look at a ska punk classic you’re very likely to hear at a xmas party this month. Now you can leap around and air bass with the best of them!
Less Than Jake’s All My Best Friends are Metalheads is taken from their album Hello Rockview featuring Roger Manganelli on bass and vocals. It roars past at a blistering 184bpm and the bass is on pretty much full throttle for the entire track. I recommend you check out a live video of the band playing this track, to see Roger playing this intricate line whilst singing is impressive to say the least.
It’s based around the major scale up at 7th fret and played with a pick. It’s important to keep your plectrum going in the right direction otherwise you might find yourself left behind, keeping down picks on the beat and up picks off the beat is a good starting point. The harmony is diatonic, based around the I, IV & V of E (E, A & B major). Manganelli makes good use of major arpeggios and utilises the E major scale to link them and provide some melodic interest.
Also worth noticing is how easily he gets around the strings. Bars 22 & 24 may be good sections to slow down and slowly speed up to make sure you’re able to get between the E and G strings fast enough to catch the major 10th intervals. The chorus is also deceptively tricky, you need to span 7 frets whilst keeping the slides and syncopation precise.
I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestion for future bass transcription. You can contact me through my website
Have fun!
The transcription does not intend to violate any laws or copyrights, it is to be used for educational purposes (fair use).
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