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Boom Bass Cabinets Makes Impact on the Music Scene

Boom Bass Cabinets Makes Impact on the Music Scene

Boom Bass Cabinets Makes Impact on the Music Scene…

Musician, Drue Williams, has combined two of his talents to create a product that is changing what we expect from a bass cabinet.  Williams is an accomplished bass player with over 25 years in the carpentry/cabinet making business.  These combined gifts have resulted in the development of Boom Bass Cabinets (BBC)

The BBC line of bass cabinets offer a very unique and new concept of the way a bass cabinet should look and how it should work. The BBC line of cabinets was designed to be both lightweight and powerful so that you don’t have to sacrifice the big heavy sound of the bass for the portability of a lightweight cabinet.

As a bass player, Drue never liked carrying two cabinets to do any type of performance, so he designed the BBC cabinets so that they can be a “Stand Alone” cabinet. All of the BBC cabinets are 4ohm cabinets and you really only need one.

The BBC “Tank” 1215 was the first of the “Tank” series and the very first one was used at the Nashville Symphony by the Bass Whisperer himself Victor Wooten. The “Tank” series now includes the:

  • BBC “Tank” 1215 1400 watts 4ohms -48lbs
  • BBC “Tank” 1015, 1400 watts 4ohms -43lbs
  • BBC “Tank” 212,   1200 watts 4ohms -41lbs
  • BBC “Tank” 1012 1200 watts 38hms
  • BBC 112 600 watts 4ohm -28lbs

The BBC “Tank” Series cabinets have extra sound ports on the lower sides of the cabinet that allow more sound from the down facing woofer. They also have a unique new interior design which allows the woofers to work at high volumes with very little afford. These cabinets also feature a tilt-back front baffle which allows the sound to travel at a slight upward angle, perfect for the times when you have to stand close to or right over the cabinet. They also come standard with our retractable handle and our recessed corner casters for easy mobility, perfect for the working musician.

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  1. derek

    January 12, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    sounds good!

  2. Bully Thakidd

    March 10, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    I have the 1015… Words can’t describe the satisfaction I feel when I walk into a gig with my amp in one hand and my cab in the other. People ask me where is the rest of your gear and I tell them I dont need it. They look at me funny and later those same people ask me where I got my cab from and where can they get one. baby!!!!

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