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Chicago Bass Ensemble Reprising ‘Rural Sketches’ at Chicago Bass Festival

Chicago Bass Ensemble Reprising 'Rural Sketches' at Chicago Bass Festival

This in from the Chicago Bass Ensemble…

February 1, 2015
Bennett-Gordon Hall at Ravinia Park

This year we are returning to the Chicago Bass Festival, and reprising Rural Sketches, which we commissioned and premiered in March, 2014. The festival takes place on February 1, 2015. The first official sessions are at 10:00 am (there is probably a registration and greeting time before that). Chicago Bass Ensemble is tentatively scheduled to perform at 1:00 pm.
Joining me for this performance are: Josh Harrison, Doug Johnson, Julian Romane, Neal Rodack and Andy Anderson, basses, along with Matthew Coley, marimba, and Leslie B. Dunner, conductor. Our program will include:

  • Livre, by Joan Jeanrenaud (arr. Harper)
  • Dream Time, by Tony Osborne
  • Rural Sketches, by Igor Iachimciuc (six basses, marimba)
  • Quartet 1987, by David Anderson
  • Ave Verum Corpus, by William Byrd (arr. Cameron)

More — but honestly not much more — information on the Chicago Bass Ensemble website. Well, there is a blog you can read also! Website for the Chicago Bass Festival sponsored by Midwest Young Artists.

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