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Light and Sound Control Devices/Starr Labs Announces AirPower 3 Wireless USB/MIDI + Power System/Solution

Light and Sound Control Devices:Starr Labs Announces AirPower 3 Wireless USB

The AirPower3 (AP3) is a revolutionary battery powered wireless MIDI/USB radio/transceiver system providing up to 600 feet of 2-way wireless long distance MIDI communication.

AP3 comes equipped with a fully integrated rechargeable 3600 mAh Li-ion power cell that delivers up to 36 hours of uninterrupted BUS power and long distance communications for your MIDI controller.

With AirPower products you can instantly add wireless communication capabilities to your old or new USB/MIDI keyboard, DJ and EDM gear, lighting mixer, MIDI guitar, MIDI bass MIDI wind controller, FOH mixer, sound support, MIDI hardware, or stage monitor mix.

AP3 is fully compatible with our AP2 Stick (pictured) for computer application control, and also compatible with our AP2 MIDI to USB/MIDI system for simultaneous computer and MIDI control. (This includes all 5-pin MIDI equipped hardware.)If you can plug a midi or MIDI/USB cable into your device, AirPower can make it a quickly and easily make it wireless.

Simply plug your controller device USB cable into the AP3 and insert AP2 USB Stick receiver into your computer. Power on the AP3 and experience complete freedom of movement for up to 600 feet

“AirPower…the possibilities are wireless.”

The Air Power 3 will be available in limited quantities to qualified dealers in March 2015

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