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NAMM – Bassist Igor Saavedra and Phil Jones Bass Release New Signature Amplifier and Cabinet

Phil Jones Igor Saavedra Signature Amp and Cabinet

Bassist Igor Saavedra and Phil Jones Bass Release New Signature Amplifier and Cabinet

From Phil Jones…

Outstanding musician, Igor Saavedra wanted a rig that could truly replicate the extraordinary range of his unique instrument: an 8 string (Extended Range) bass. So what we did was not only make an amplifier to handle an ERB but also match it with a dedicated cabinet. The Signature head IS650 amplifier is truly a hybrid, incorporating a high current transformer supply, a class A analog pre-amplifier and the latest state of the art high efficiency Pulse Width Modulation power amplifier.

The audible result is an amplifier with a totally uncompromised performance. To keep the noise floor and audio path as pure as possible, we used a single channel pre-amp with the minimal 5-Band EQ plus an optical LED limiter.

In order to reproduce the full dynamic range and wide frequency response of Igor’s bass we chose a 12 driver cabinet based on the size of our original BG800 combo. By taking out the amp from the cabinet and giving it a better acoustic load for ultra low frequency production we were able to produce the ideal frequency range from 23hz to 20 KHz, in other words the full audio spectrum.

The cabinet is heavily braced to eliminate any severe cabinet coloration and is constructed with the finest Russian Baltic Birch plywood.

The proprietary PJB 5 inch drivers are the latest generation of NEO POWER speakers.

2 dB more efficient that the first generation and have a wider frequency response due to the unique, secret cone material we developed along with the new rectangular copper clad aluminum wire voice coil.

The PJB Igor Saavedra signature bass amplifier is a unique amplifier developed for the needs of Igor and any bass player who uses an Extended Range Bass and wants the best from it. Quite possibly the only ERB amp on the market.

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