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Interview with Wayne Krantz

Interview with Bassist Wayne Krantz

Wayne Krantz should be a household name, not only among guitarists, but bassists as well.

The same method he has used with his book “An Improvisers OS” can be used with an instrument to open up your creativity. Wayne is getting ready to kick off a tour that you don’t want to miss. Check out is latest release “Good Piranha/Bad Piranha” featuring Keith Carlock, Tim Lefebvre, and Nate Wood

How are your teaching methods different than others, especially in the area of soloing?

Years ago I wrote a book, “An Improvisors OS”. It’s a method for exploring scales and chords in a creative way without relying on patterns and memory. I used that with students a lot. These days I’m into ear playing, so I try to encourage that.

For all bassists alike, current and aspiring, how can your methods for guitar be applied to bass?

Pretty straightforwardly. The role of bass is different than guitar, practically speaking, but in art, music is music.

Can you give us some insight on your latest release, where the inspiration comes from, and the other musicians involved?

It’s a live in the studio record with some creative editing. It’s what my 2 recent trios were up to lately. Cover songs as a jumping off point. The guys all thoroughly understand where I’m coming from so we can cover a lot of ground. It’s a nice ride, I think.

Who are some of your influences?

These days I listen to Blues, mostly. Old stuff. Nothing later than Hendrix, who’s been a revelation. In the old days it was California and English rock, then jazz guitarists, old and new.

Advice to bassists aspiring to become better rounded musicians?

Don’t get hung up in the bass-and-drum-club mentality. That’s an important connection but if it stops there it’s too limited for most modern stuff. Think globally within the band. Think compositionally, think of form. Don’t always sustain until the next note – rhythm and groove require rests, lots of them

To Stream a Preview of Good Piranha/Bad Piranha, visit:

Wayne Krantz Trio – Anthony Jackson (Bass), Keith Carlock (Drums)



Feb 11                   The City Winery                              Nashville, TN

Feb 12                   Smiths Olde Bar                             Atlanta, GA

Feb 13                   Smokey Joes Cafe                          Charlotte, NC

Feb 15                   Miraverse-Manifold                      Pittsboro, NC

Feb 18                   Sellersville Theater                        Sellersville, PA

Feb 19                   The Iridium Jazz Club                   New York, NY

Feb 20                   The Iridium Jazz Club                  New York, NY

Feb 21                   Jammin Java                                   Vienna, VA


ASIA TOUR: Feb 25-March 20

Mar 24                   Jazz Alley                                     Seattle, WA

Mar 25                   Jazz Alley                                     Seattle, WA

Mar 26                  Yoshis                                           Oakland, CA

Mar 28                  Ramona Mainstage                   Ramona, CA

Mar 31                  Catalinas Jazz Club                    Los Angeles, CA

Apr 01                   Catalinas Jazz Club                   Los Angeles, CA

Apr 02                   The City Winery                         Chicago, IL

Apr 03                   Dakota Jazz Club                       Minneapolis, MN

Apr 04                   The Jazz Kitchen                        Indianapolis, IN


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