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Q-tuner Releases Q2.0 J-Bass Pickups

Q-tuner Releases Q2.0 J-Bass Pickups

From the makers of the world’s first neodymium guitar and bass pickups, comes a revolutionary J-bass pickup.

The Q-tuner q2.0 J-style pickup for 4 string bass is the result of decades of experience in innovative humbucker sidewinder technology. Not only is it designed to be noiseless and powerful, but it’s also engineered to deliver a pronounced dynamic bass response and the near-magical clarity the brand is renown for. Covering a frequency range from 10 Hz up to 10 kHz, the q2.0 J-bass pickup has firmly established itself as the cleanest sounding passive J-style humbucker available. Both in terms of sonic signature as internal component layout a departure from normality. For more information, visit:

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