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Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Paul Sandweiss to the Advisory Board


Trickfish Amplification announce the formation of the TRICKFISH AMPLIFICATION ADVISORY BOARD and welcomes 32 time Emmy nominee and 7 time Emmy winner Paul Sandweiss to the Board.

“What I’ve learned over the past 25 years is you just can’t live in a vacuum (especially in business) and the most important decisions are best made considering the guidance of others. As I developed the ideas around Trickfish I knew a key component would be to establish an Advisory Board of people that I’ve come to know and respect in and outside of our industry. In my wildest dreams I’ve envisioned the board consisting of the best and brightest in their field of expertise; inventors, artists, business people, entrepreneurs, engineers and visionaries.” states Trickfish founder and President Richard Ruse. “We are so honored to have Paul Sandweiss join the Board. Not only is Paul’s experience without parallel, he’s mixed some of the greatest bassists and bands that have ever lived. You don’t get nominated for 32 Emmy’s (much less win them – 7!) without having serious technical skills, exceptional ears and a deep love for music. Paul’s input will be valuable as we develop new products and push our boundaries”.

About Paul Sandweiss: After graduating with an associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, Paul got his start in the business in 1976 at Wally Heider Recoding. He became chief engineer of mobile operations where he had the opportunity to work with many talented live engineers, studio engineers, and producers on various live projects from The Oscars to The Last Waltz. After leaving Wally Heider’s in 1980, Paul became a freelance engineer and still mixes many live-for-broadcast specials, series, and award shows including The Oscars, The American Music Awards, The BET Awards, The Billboard Music Awards, The Emmy Awards, Grammy Nominations Concert Live, The MTV Awards, BET’s Sunday Best, and The Superbowl Halftime Special. When time permits he enjoys working on concert specials from Celine Dion to Lil Wayne and comedy specials from Kathy Griffin to Richard Pryor.

Opening Sound Design Corporation in 1996, Paul continues to mix live shows and work in the studio posting non-live tapings. His main focus is on running the day-to-day operations of Sound Design and taking care of many creative clients who have made Sound Design the place to be for any sound from pre-production through post production. Paul also worked with David Crivelli designing the broadcast audio systems used daily on The Conan O’Brien Show for TBS. When things are in the groove Paul likes to take time and work on keeping his golf handicap in the single-digit area where it belongs, and after a hard day on the course relaxing with a nice glass or two of red. “I’m excited for Trickfish Amplification and look forward to lending a guiding hand as they grow their business and develop new product. I’ll put a Bullhead in the studio to re-amp the bass tracks. It’s an awesome sounding piece of gear and the bass is always tough if the source material is sketchy. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this crew.” states Paul.

About Trickfish Amplification: Founded in 2014 and located in Los Angeles CA, the company taps into the contributions of several highly skilled engineers, players and dreamers who share a love of music, science and a common vision of intelligent design, precision, delectable tone and rugged durability. Trickfish is dedicated to providing serious gear for serious players 24/7, 365.

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