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Patrick Pfeiffer Bass Mini Clinics Offered in NJ

Patrick Pfeiffer Shares

Two Bass Mini Clinics are happening in the Philadelphia area on Sunday, May 3rd, with two subjects you may find extremely useful and fascinating…Tempo, Time & Tone and Secrets of R&B Feel!

The Tempo, Time & Tone Bass Mini Clinic deals with being able to play at high speeds, be it baselines, grooves or solos, and still get a beautifully focused and full tone, all the while staying solidly in time with the rest of the band. The clinic is comprised of very specific exercises that help you address the speed issue by using special mental techniques, literally “slowing down your thoughts” while blazing with your hands. Despite the fact that we’ll be playing fast, the required time will still be our usual 90 minutes…so much for “Tide and time wait for no man”…

The Secrets of R&B/Soul Feel Bass Mini Clinic is all about being able to negotiate your way through a song, any song, while propelling and enhancing it with grooves à la James Jamerson, Jerry Jemmott or even Jaco. You’ll be able to play with confidence and grace, enhancing the song with the perfect rhythmic and melodic elements without sounding overbearing and getting in the way. You’ll also discover how to move through chords as well as to accompany static harmony (check out the difference between “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Cloud Nine”). Be able to cover all the basses (yeah, yeah, I know…) when you’re on the bandstand and it gets that silky, smooth, funky feel. This is the second of a series of in-depth style studies and is extremely important (the other styles coming up are Rock, Pop, Blues, Latin, Reggae, African…you know the deal: Collect‘em all!)

More information is available at:

Bass Mini Clinic location and times:

105 E. Main St.
Maple Shade, NJ 08052
2pm – Funk Genre/Feel
4pm – Groove Fills

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