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Review: EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 3 and Bass Mid Control 2 pedals

Review: EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 3 and Bass Mid Control 2 pedals

Xotic USA designs and manufactures guitars, basses and several high-end effects pedals for tone connoisseurs. At the winter 2015 NAMM, Xotic’s sister brand, EWS, introduced updated versions for two of their popular pedals, the Tri-Logic Bass Preamp and BMC (Bass Mid Control). The pedals will be released in late March 2015 and start shipping in April.

Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 3

EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 3

Price: $168 ($210 MSR)
Output: ¼”
Controls: Volume, Gain, Frequency, Treble, Middle, Bass
Power: 9 volts @ 3.3 mA. You can choose to power the pedal with 18V via internal DIP switch (18V DC @ 6.6 mA). Optional AC adapter, not included.

The same well-loved preamp that comes with Xotic’s line of basses is back again in pedal form with the updated, and more compact, Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 3. A new feature in the 2015 version is the added boost (high/normal gain) switch that allows you additional tonal control.

While the pedal can be used to shape the tone on active basses, it’s true sonic beauty may be best put to use on passive basses. Rather than alter your favorite vintage Fender by carving up the body to add active electronics, you can simply put a pre-amp in your signal chain to get the same EQ options. Since the Tri-Logic was designed to have no signature tone, its tonal transparency allows you to dial in the tone you want to match any musical style.

What adds more flexibility to the preamp are the toggle switches that allow you to be more precise with the frequency range you are altering. The treble control allows you to select 8 kHz (high) or 4 kHz (low) with a +/-15 dB adjustment. The bass control allows for 80 Hz (high) or 40 Hz (low) with a +/-15 db adjustment. The mid control has a sweepable frequency range of 250 Hz to 3 kHz with a +/-10 dB adjustment.

The gain control has a normal mode with a maximum +18 dB boost and high gain mode for a compressed +26 dB increase.

I found the Tri-Logic Preamp 3 to be fantastic at clarifying the attack and presence on my cheap plywood upright bass as well as a not-to-be named fretless bass with it’s low-end active electronics. The pedal allowed me to dial in a clean, less boomy, sound on the upright all across the fingerboard. It also bumped the signal and increased the articulation and tonal color of the fretless — which has a tendency to sing like a winded sparrow with its stock electronics. Using the preamp provided a serious upgrade to the quality and clarity of my tone.

BMC (Bass Mid Control 2)

BMC - Bass Mid Control 2

Price: $144 ($180 MSR)
Output: ¼”
Controls: Frequency, Volume, Middle
Power: 9 volts @ 3.3 mA. You can choose to power the pedal with 18V via internal DIP switch (18V DC @ 6.6 mA). Optional AC adapter, not included.

The updated Bass Mid Control features a new control layout with the addition of a volume control and boost switch. Perhaps more of a specialty pedal, the BMC 2 gives you command over a very specific frequency range. Having this control in a pedal, rather than adjusting your EQ on an amp or onboard preamp, can be extremely handy. If you have to make fast switch to slap in the middle of song, just tap on the pedal to engage your favorite mid-scooped EQ. The same goes if you need to boost the mids around 400 Hz to make your harmonics come alive and cut through the mix.

The BMC 2 allows frequency control adjustments between 120 Hz to 3 kHz with a cutting or boosting of +/-12 dB. A new feature is the gain boost switch which adds 10 dB of gain at the input stage.

To find the mid frequency you want tweak, simply increase the volume and adjust the sweep knob while playing. Once you’ve identified the frequency, rotate the mid control to determine how much of that mid frequency you want to cut or boost.

Made in Japan

Visit for more information.

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