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Ibanez Introduces The Adam Nitti Signature ANB1006

Introducing The Adam Nitti Signature ANB1006-1

Ibanez Introduces The Adam Nitti Signature ANB1006

Adam Nitti’s reputation as a “bassist’s bassist” is not only a reflection of his stunning technique and unique voice on the instrument, but the breadth of his musical journey. Besides his acclaimed solo albums, Nitti has performed and recorded with artists ranging from Steven Curtis Chapman to Susan Tedeschi to the Dave Weckl Band. His expansive list of credits, as well as his contributions as an educator and clinician, has earned him the distinction of being one of the most respected and sought after bassists in music today.

Introducing The Adam Nitti Signature ANB1006-2
The ANB1006 is the culmination of Adam’s far-reaching expertise as a player, and the experience of Ibanez as the one of the world’s most advanced and innovative bass companies.

“For me, this instrument represents the ideal balance of tone, playability, ergonomics, and extended range. I love the wider 18mm string spacing and greater access to the highest frets; both features unique among the Soundgear line of basses. Tonally, it’s surprisingly versatile thanks to a specific placement of its two Bartolini pickups coupled with a custom preamp. I really love playing this bass!” —Adam Nitti

The Adam Nitti Signature ANB100 is available at Ibanez

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