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Tensor Bass Guitars Announces 4-String Line of Custom Basses

Tensor Bass Guitars Announces 4-String Line of Custom Basses

Tensor Bass Guitars Announces 4-String Line of Custom Basses…

Tensor Inc. announced today availability of all of its custom bass guitars in 4 string configurations. This compliments Tensor’s existing lineup of 5 string bass guitars. All of the new 4 string models come equipped with Tensor’s patent pending Force BalanceTM technology. The Force BalanceTM system in Tensor Basses replaces the conventional truss rod found in most all bass guitar necks. The Force BalanceTM system utilizes the string tension to generate the appropriate counter tension on the neck. Since the counter tension is directly proportional to the string tension the two forces balance each other under a wide range of varying conditions. The effects of temperature, deformation and stress relaxation are dramatically reduced resulting in a more stable neck assembly.

Tensor Bass Guitars Announces 4-String Line of Custom Basses-3

The Force BalanceTM system has an adjustment feature which introduces a small positive or negative force to the system to allow for precise adjustment of neck bow to accommodate the players preference. The adjustment system uses constant force compression springs which are not susceptible to the variations found in the conventional truss rod adjustment mechanism.

Tensor Bass Guitars Announces 4-String Line of Custom Basses-4

Along with the addition of the 4 string lineup Tensor has added several new designs to its bass lineup. Tensor will be displaying the new lineup at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville next month in booth #1229. For more information visit Tensor’s website at

About Tensor

Our mission at Tensor is to build a great looking, playing and sounding bass guitar. All of our basses are made in our shop in Southern California. We use domestic sources for our wood and hardware. Our custom designed pickguards are manufactured by us using a proprietary laminating process. Our finishes are done by local artisans who specialize in high quality paint work. We use only high quality electronic components. All of our bass guitars employ the patent pending Force BalanceTM counter tensioning system.


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