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Help Tsunami Cables Make a Bigger Wave with High-End Studio Cables

Help Tsunami Cables Make a Bigger Wave with High-End Studio Cables

Press Release – Help Tsunami Cables Make a Bigger Wave with High-End Studio Cables

Tsunami Cables, who has supplied cables for The OzzFest, Warped Tour, UpRoar, The Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj Bands, as well as hundreds of bands and artist that play the cables every weekend in clubs and venues all over the world, has started a GoFundMe campaign to build and market high-end “Studio cables.” These cables are strong enough to go out on the road for years at a time and not break. Reliability and sonic quality for the upmost demanding musicians.

Why are Tsunami Cables different then all of the other cables out there? According to the owner, Keith “Stixx” Stickney, “It’s the attention to detail. In using the highest-grade components, being over redundant in the building of the cable, and giving the musician what he or she is looking for in a cable.”

Keith “Stixx”, went to MI “Musicians Institute”, and learned how to build cables in the audio engineer program.  He did some trial and error on the floor of his apartment, hoping to sell a few cables just so he and his roommate could pay for beer. After graduating he moved back home and built his own home studio and used only the cables that he built. For the next 6 months he recorded groups and gigged with friends and local bands. The funny thing is, he was making more money selling cables than selling studio time. After a dinner meeting with his long time friend and mentor, Donny Gruendler, he made the decision to turn this hobby into a business.  The next two years were R&D (research and development) in the trenches, approaching and trying to sell his product to musicians. As the years went by, the trial and error was over, but the late nights of building cables on his floor, his parent’s garage, his dinning room table, and now his garage kept on.

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