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Barefaced Audio Unveils the Eight 10

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Barefaced Audio Unveils the Eight 10

Barefaced Audio Unveils the Eight 10

Barefaced Audio Unveils the Eight 10

Powerful, loud and portable

The British manufacturer’s newest cab uses the same unique 10CR250 driver as their tiny One 10 cab released last month – the lightest cab on the market to keep up with a drummer. But with eight of these drivers coupled together for 2000W power handling, 104dB sensitivity and max SPL approaching 140dB, the Barefaced Eight 10 is powerful enough to roar through the densest wall of guitars and drums in the heaviest bands. Despite its terrifying loudness, it only weighs 36kg (79lbs), less than most 4×10″ cabs.

All about tone

Barefaced CEO Alex Claber commented: “It’s all about tone. Remember the best ‘fridge’ you’ve ever played through? Add some treble clarity and enough bass potential to handle dub outdoors. Improve the dispersion so everyone in the venue hears your true tone. Halve the weight. And if you needed two fridges before, you only need one Eight 10 to get your sound at the volume you need.”

Buy an Eight 10, get a FREE One 10!

The Barefaced Eight 10 is priced at £1499, and the company is celebrating the launch with a special and limited offer: the Eight 10 comes with a FREE One 10, allowing bass players to carry a miniature version of their huge cab to small gigs, band practices or recordings.

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