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Bass Transcription – Basket Case by Green Day

Basket Case by Green Day

Bass Transcription – Basket Case by Green Day

This month we’re looking at a bassline that fascinated me as young bass student. It’s Basket Case from Green Day’s third album Dookie, released in 1994. It’s a typically upbeat and hook-filled track by the Californian band, and has gone on to become one of their best known hits. The bass is high in the mix, and as a 15 year old I just couldn’t see how Mike managed to pack in the fast root movement and fills at 175bpm whilst keeping it so on the beat.

Click to Download the Bass Transcription – Green Day – Basket Case

The answer is in the subtleties of his articulation and technique. The hammer on and pull offs are really important, they give your picking hand a rest whilst keeping the eighth note movement pumping. They also lend a more melodic edge to the fills, as seen in bars 32 and 58. A Dirnt trademark often pops up in this tune too – the combination of octaves and hammer ons in bar 50. These pop up a lot in this album, once you’ve noticed them once you’ll hear them all the time.

Approach your picking like a guitarist would strum. Down on the beat, and up on the off beat.

Have fun!

The transcription does not intend to violate any laws or copyrights; it is to be used for educational purposes (fair use). 

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