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Trickfish Welcomes Bassist, Clinician and Educator Ernest Tibbs

Trickfish Welcomes Bassist, Clinician and Educator Ernest Tibbs

PR – Trickfish Welcomes Bassist, Clinician and Educator Ernest Tibbs

c, Ernest graduated in 1989 and received the Bass Student of the Year award for his skill, knowledge and dedication to the craft. Since then the Los Angeles native has gone on to develop an impressive list of credits that include work with Natalie Cole, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, James Ingram, Allan Holdsworth, Simon Phillips, Dean Brown, Harvey Mason, Scott Henderson, Andy Summers, Jeff Richman, Thom Rotella, David Benoit, David Garfield, Phil Upchurch, Dan Segal, Tom Scott, Eric Marienthal, Brian Auger, Ronnie Laws, Jeff Lorber, Lee Ritenour, John Pisano, Brian Bromberg, Brandon Fields, Norman Brown, Russian Pop Star Alsou, as well as symphony orchestras in San Francisco, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

“It seems like I’ve played through every amp out there at some point or another.” states Ernest. “Playing spot dates forces you to use whatever the backline company has available and sometimes it’s OK, other times it’s not that great. In order for me to truly express myself I need an amp that gives me a balanced, clear sound, and a realistic bottom end that can hold up when I’m digging in. I just want to play the music, not worry about my gear. I ran into Richard from Trickfish at an Xotic Bass Day event and he invited me over to audition the Bullhead1K and two SM112’s. We played a bunch of basses through it but what got me was when he played some drum loops through the rig LOUD and I played bass along with the tracks. I was blown away. I never thought something so small and light could sound so big!”

“I bumped into Ernest recently and we talked about music, basses, amps and bad backs…” laughs Richard Ruse. “Ernest was looking for a sound that was somewhat elusive and I suggested he come out and try a Trickfish rig. We played my J Bass with the Flex Core pre-amp, a passive MTD, a vintage P Bass with flat wound strings, his Xotics bass and a super sweet F Bass fretless. We cranked the daylights out of the little stack and he was sold! For Ernest it’s about diversity and sensitivity – he’s a pro and he needs to come up with a wide range of sounds and feels while still maintaining his own identity. Ernest is around players who know tone and expect the guys around them to care as much about it as they do… For me, after all is said and done, Ernest loves the gear but more importantly he’s an honest guy, a wonderfully nice man who’s been through some tough times yet still smiles and laughs at life’s challenges. He’ll bring a lot to the table over time and I’m humbled and proud that he’s part of the family.”

Located in Southern California, Trickfish Amplification designs and builds professional grade musical instrument amplification products created to inspire musicians to play and sound their best.

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