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Trickfish Welcomes Bassist, Producer and Composer Jermaine Hall

Trickfish Welcomes Bassist, Producer and Composer Jermaine Hall

PR – Trickfish Welcomes Bassist, Producer and Composer Jermaine Hall

Trickfish is honored to welcome bassist, producer and composer Jermaine Hall to its growing list of endorsers. Originally from Albany, Georgia but currently based in Atlanta, Jermaine has been musically nurtured since the age of 8; first by his father and then by a succession of mentors that have helped him find his voice and establish himself as a courageous artist. He released his freshman effort “IDEOLOGY” to great critical acclaim and is currently working on his second release, “Scattered, Covered” which will feature bass greats Tony Grey and Mike Pope, the legendary guitarist Alex Machachek and Rami Lakkis just to name a few….With God first and a determination to stay focused on his musical vision, Jermaine continues to grow and stand out as an esteemed, inspired bassist.

Jermaine’s search for the tools that would help him communicate his artistic vision has led him through a maze of instruments and amplifiers; many of which are excellent products but for one reason or another fell short of his vision. His relationship with a cited mentor, Mike Pope, ultimately brought him to Trickfish. “Mike’s a good friend but that had little to do with my endorsement of these products. It was his commitment to the quality of the MPP products he designed and built and his experience as a world-class bassist that steered me towards the company.” states Jermaine. “Apparently my instincts were correct as the amplifier is more than I ever expected. Mike’s EQ is beautiful, the amp is powerful and the interface is elegant but it’s the system approach – head and cabs that’s really put it over the top for me. This is a special rig – and it’s challenging me to play my best.”

“I saw Jermaine’s profile on FB and felt he was somebody we should get to know. I had no idea he was thinking along those very same lines and within 24 hours we had sent each other friend requests!” States Richard Ruse, Trickfish founder. “I (of course) did some Google due diligence and discovered this fantastic artist that IMHO has a very bright future. Jermaine is a gifted, inspired and a positive human being – the type of person we welcome into our growing family. We initially connected via the phone and effortlessly burned up an hour talking bass, gear and life. He now has a BH1k and 2 SM112’s that he takes to gigs and to the clinics he gives at local Atlanta schools. I’m flattered that he loves the gear and he’ll be a wonderful ambassador for the brand but, most importantly, he’s a good man who I’m sure will become a trusted and valued friend over time”

Located in Southern California, Trickfish Amplification designs and builds professional grade musical instrument amplification products created to inspire musicians to play and sound their best.

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