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Electric Resistance

Electric Resistance

PR – Electric Resistance…

Poetry: Vasilis Michaelides
Music: Mike Hadjigavriel
Arrangements and Production: Nicolas Farmakalidis
Produced-Mixed-Mastered: Neila Productions
Los Angeles, USA/ 2014
Booklet illustrations: Eleni Nicodemou

The need to resist against the cultural shrinking caused by globalization and its in-fluence on the main features of our national identity, including our language and dialects, is mandatory. “Electric Resistance” is inspired by the necessity to preserve the linguistic heritage of Cyprus and the culture linked to it and transmit it to the younger generations in a form that can be more easily accepted and understood.

The sensational poetry expressed in the Cypriot idiom by our national poet Vasilis Michaelides and the huge linguistic and musical flexibility characterizing the whole of his work, is the perfect example of resistance to the danger of extinction of the Cypriot dialect.

Putting into electric rock the poetry of Vasilis Michaelides contributes to the re-sistance against the subculture of globalization, the ongoing extinction of the Cypriot idiom and the foreign occupation. The above concept is reflected in the title “Electric Resistance”.

Michael Hadjigavriel


Poetry Vasilis Michaelides

Music Mike Hadjigavriel

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


(Famagusta Gate –Nicosia ) 19:00

Will converse with musical interaction:

Lina Nikolakopoulou verse writer

Michalis Pasiardis poet

and Mike Hadjigavriel reading of poems Costas Charalambides

Stay with us for wine and “mezedes” (from “Egeo Tavern”).

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