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BMM Holiday Bass Gear Guide – What Bassists Really Want

BMM Holiday Bass Gear Guide – What Bassists Really Want

BMM Holiday Bass Gear Guide – What Bassists Really Want…

Jose Feliciano is singing “Feliz Navidad” on the radio, so it must be time for the holidays!

There are a ton of very interesting bass things I would like to have this year, but I am going to try to keep my “GAS” under control (operative word being ‘try’).

We are fortunate at BMM to have many fine Bass Vendor VIP’s. These are the fine folks that make it possible for us to bring you Bass Musician Magazine free of charge month-after-month. I encourage you to patronize them whenever you can!



Sire Marcus Miller V7 Bass Guitar 5ST ( Ash) Natural color

Since five strings are my preference, this beauty catches my eye. Premium wood, jazz pickups, Heavy Mass bridge and a 3 band EQ are attractive features… and if Marcus likes it, it must be nice. Gig bag included. (Check out Vuyani’s review)

The Marcus Miller By Sire V7 Bass Review


Ultra Light 5-String Bass

This travel bass is light (3 pounds) and portable (28″ long) and these are the key features that make me want one. If you are on the go, this mighty-mite can help you do the job! Gig bag included.

Taveler Ultra Light 5-String Bass

Neubauer Basses 

Marco Biliani Signature Bass

I believe that every Bass Musician deserves to find that special custom bass that we dream about. One such bass is the Marco Biliani signature bass from Neubauer. You will note that I am sticking with 5-strings. The attention to detail is extraordinary, starting with the fingerboard that is flamed maple with an inlay of flame Pearwood. The custom humbuckers from Harry Haussel and the Albert Kreuzer active 3 band EQ should put out some sweet sound.

Neubauer Basses - Marco_Biliani-vorne


XJ 1T Model 5-string

These sweet basses bring that Vintage Jazz tone to life! I would prefer the Ash body and go with the Maple fingerboard. I would be interested to see how the Xotic pickups and pre-amp sound. The 18 V system for the added headroom and the Hum Reduction Inductor feature would be nice additions.

Xotic XJ 1T Model 5-string

Utrera Basses 

Utrera Ellengace

Since we are on the topic of custom basses, Another first-rate selection can be found at Utrera Custom Basses. I don’t have a single-cut bass and the Utrera Ellengace series is simply beautiful!  Sleek design, 5-strings ramped pickups and graphic EQ make this look like a real find.


Kala U-Bass 

California Solid Body U-Bass Five

I have had the opportunity to try out a few U-Basses and I have a Mahogany model myself (View video). They can really hold their own!

If I was going to ask Santa for a U-Bass, I would get one of the California Solid Body U-Bass 5-string models in Skyline red (hint-hint)! These powerful little guys have a lot going for them. Portability, LR Baggs custom electronics, custom Hipshot tuners, rosewood fretboard, GraphTech Tusk Nut. Made in good-old Petaluma CA, USA.

Check out my review on a couple of Solid Body U-Basses (Video 1 | Video 2)


kala u-bass California Solid Body U-Bass Five



Ibanez TBM300


Ibanez SRFF805

I am torn between two basses from Ibanez.

First I would like to give one of those Talman basses, the TBM300 a whirl. These retro looking, contemporarily electronically equipped, reasonably priced basses would be a great addition to any collection. I think the Metallic green model would look good in my hands.

Next, I would like to give a SRFF805 a try.  The Black stained model is stunning and the fanned frets are designed to be more ergonomic in nature. You can’t go wrong with Bartolini electronics. The lightweight Ash body would make my back happy!

Warwick Custom Shop Streamer CV 5 String Bass, Nirvana Black HP

Music Store Live is a great place to find that special bass that you were wanting. The have a great return policy so there is no risk involved! While I was at the last Winter NAMM show, I was impressed with the Basses that Warwick brought to the show. I would like to give one of their Custom Shop Streamer CV 5-string in Nirvana Black a thorough workout. These beauties sport a Swamp Ash Body and a rosewood fret board with Jumbo Bronze frets. The Deluxe Flight case by Rockase is a sweet addition.

Warwick Custom Shop Streamer CV 5 String Bass, Nirvana Black HP



Bullhead 1K Head!new-page/cdap

Trickfish Bullhead 1K Head

BM 115 Cab!new-page/cjw2

Trickfish BM 115 Cab

I would love to get a chance to play my own bass through a Bullhead 1K head with a  BM 115 cab. This set up should give me the sound and volume I aim for. So much thought has gone into the design of these amps. Mike Pope had a real grasp on bass electronics and this amp makes this knowledge a reality. This is an amp to hear!

Tech 21 NYC 

SansAmp Bass Driver DI

There are some really interesting items to choose from at Tech 21 NYC. I think I would like to have a SansAmp Bass Driver DI stuffed in a big stocking. This little guy is so much more that a direct box. There is a wealth of possible tones and effects this box can deliver for live performance as well as in the studio. It is no surprise that this great item has won multiple awards!

Tech 21 NYC SansAmp Bass Driver DI

Essential Sound Products

Victor Wooten Signature MusicCord-PRO

I have heard both sides of the arguments about these power cords. I think Santa should leave me one under the tree so I can hear the difference for myself. After all, Victor Wooten has a supreme grasp on bass sound and he endorses this product so it is worth a look.

Essential Sound Products Victor Wooten Signature MusicCord-PRO


Bass T-Shirts from Bass Musician Magazine

Now I happen to already have quite a few of these, but I am eager to get the upcoming new designs that we are working on. These make great gifts for your bass friends and you help support your favorite free, online magazine in the process. Check them out!

Bass Tee Shirts

Gruv Gear 

Gig Blade

There are a lot of cool things at Gruv Gear but one of my favorites is my GigBlade! This concept is so well designed and executed. I no longer hit my bass on doorjambs and low branches when I am on the go. I got the extra weather cover  as well to keep the great Northwest rain off my bass. You really have to protect the  instrument you love if you want to have it for a long time! See it in action below:

Music Nomad Equipment Care 

Cradle Cube – String Instrument Neck Support and Premium Instrument Work Mat


I already have the cradle cube and it rocks! (See my video review). In the video, I used a polar fleece blanket under my bass, but I think the work mat would be great to protect my bass and avoid getting stuff on my blanket. Changing your strings and minor repairs are a snap with the set up. These would make great stocking stuffers for that special bassist in your life!


GHS Bass Boomers

If I am getting a new bass, I need to have fresh strings. The Boomers are super-popular bass strings that have a reputation for a warm but punchy sound. These are some serious power strings!

Bass Mods 

Bartolini American Standard J-Bass Pickups

There is so much great bass stuff at Bass Mods that I would be hard-pressed to know where to start. I could try one of their basses or get some gear to improve one of my current axes. That said, I have been meaning to upgrade the pickups on one of my 5-strings. What better choice than Bartolini American Standard J-Bass pickups! These pickups have been perfect in giving me the sound I have wanted from my other basses so my experience has been excellent so far.

Check out all the things you can find at Bass Mods.

The Pocket Picker

Here is a great stocking stuffer for that bass musician on the go. It is an excellent muscle training tool and the idea is to work your hands so that when you get your bass in hand you are more than ready to rock. Just keep in mind that it is not an instrument, it is designed to work your hands so they are ready to go when you are ready to perform.

pocket picker

Education, the Gift of Knowledge 

JamPlay Online Bass Lessons
Click to Visit

Here is another great way to grow by learning from solid players like Billy Sheehan, Bryan Beller, Brent Anthony Jackson, David Ellefson and many more. This interactive, high definition, video/audio educational approach is mobile, desktop and tablet ready. Learn bass where ever in the world you may be!

Jamplay 940X90
Some people like to be self-taught and this can be accomplished if you have a good book to help you. I am a believer of having a teacher when you are beginning and even getting that hands-on instruction as you keep going. Once you have some fundamental skills, you can build on your  foundation with a good bass book! I am particularly interested in working with the new “100” series from Hal Leonard. Blues, Funk, Jazz and Rock books are on the menu to make me a better player!



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