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Ashdown Launch the New AAA EVO Range Bass Amp

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Ashdown Launch the New AAA EVO Range Bass Amp

Ashdown Launch the New AAA EVO Range Bass Amp

Ashdown Launch the New AAA EVO Range Bass Amp

The second evolution of the hugely popular Ashdown AAA Range provides a new lightweight construction, new sleek looks and more power upgrades. Introducing the Ashdown AAA EVO Range.

Over recent years, the trend amongst bass players buying combos has been to go for the lightest thing available, but practicality sometimes comes with a compromise to the sound. Traditionally, more weight meant better quality and more tone… The NEW Ashdown AAA EVO Range has maintained its build quality and durability and by utilising a new lightweight ply wood construction; has dramatically cut the weight but not the tone.

A luxurious new look across the line as well as a more streamlined offering sees the new AAA EVO range jump out from the crowd, designed with specific features using the latest technology in connectivity with iOS devices. Building on the feedback of Ashdown customers, the new AAA (Access All Areas) range is a natural yet observable evolution from its earlier incarnations.

The new focused range consists of four new combos; a 1 x 8” 30 watt combo – the AAA-30-8, a 1 x 10” 60 watt combo – the AAA-60-10T, a 1 x 15” 120 watt combo – the AAA-120-15T and a 2 x 10 300 watt combo – the AAA-300-210T, as well as one extension cabinet – the AAA-115T, which is new to the line for 2016 and designed to pair with the AAA-300-210T Combo. With the needs of the discerning bass player in mind, Ashdown have developed the new AAA EVO range to stand out from the crowd with distinctive vintage red grills, covered in premium heavy duty buffalo Tolex – an instantly identifiable revamp of the AAA range.

Keeping things different across the range in terms of features was key to meeting Ashdown customer’s pricing expectations but also helps define the line, starting with the new AAA-30-8, a basic Bass Middle & Treble EQ is provided along with an Apptek socket for use with our AmpKit app and Aux mix level control for the Line input also a headphone out is provided along with a speaker mute switch located on the rear.

The AAA-60-10T is a little more complex with a further array of facilities including passive and active inputs, tube emulated overdrive with a simple and effective Bass Middle & treble EQ section again an Aux mix option for blending you line level device, a headphone out as well as a balanced Di output making it a very practical combo for small gigs and more.

Taking things a little deeper the AAA-120-15T and AAA-300-210T sees further facilities and features including an AppTek/FX mix control, a re-energised tube emulated overdrive for devastating distortion, which is foot switchable, as well as an all new 4 band EQ section with a sweepable mid control. The addition of a Vintage/Modern Low push button changes the character of the low end for either a deep vintage feel or a more modern punchy low end. In a similar fashion, on the high end, Ashdown have added a Vintage/Modern Highs push button that adds or takes away a high end presence for either a vintage or modern feel.

Further expanding on the features, moving to the rear of the combo, there is a Tweeter mute switch to reduce some of the top end and speaker mute switch and headphone socket for silent practice. There is also a balanced DI XLR socket, an FS-1 footswitch jack socket and a Line in and an FX loop for use with either a line level device or FX processor/pedal board. The Ashdown AAA-300-210T also has the option for an extension speaker out with its own dedicated 8 Ohm min load jack socket. This can be paired with the all NEW AAA-115T cabinet, new to the line for 2016.

Using Ashdown’s own signature ABM Pre App (available via Agile Partners Amp Kit) and the supplied AppTek cable and socket, the user is able to switch on the incredible features that you get from the formidable ABM range including Sub Harmonics, Tube Drive, Compression and comprehensive 7 Band EQ, thus making these little amps by far the highest specked products available on the market today.

The Ashdown AAA Series Bass Amplifiers will be shipping in February 2016.

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