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The TX600: Hartke’s First Class D Bass Amplifier Delivers Serious Tone And Incredible Portability

The TX600- Hartke’s First Class D Bass Amplifier Delivers Serious Tone And Incredible Portability

The TX600: Hartke’s First Class D Bass Amplifier Delivers Serious Tone And Incredible Portability…

Hartke, a renowned innovator in bass amplification, is excited to announce its first lightweight bass amplifier, the TX600. This 600-watt Class D bass amplifier offers the legendary Hartke tube preamp circuitry in a compact, highly portable design.

Featuring a rugged aluminum chassis and weighing only seven pounds, the TX600 is always ready to deliver serious tone on the road. The amps tone stack EQ section gives players access to a preset equalization curve tailored to bass guitar. The Shape and Frequency knobs provide detailed control of the midrange frequency voicing, while Bass and Treble controls allow for further tweaking to create a truly customized tone.

Designed with the same Class A tube preamp circuitry as Hartke’s renowned LH Series linear amplifiers, the TX600 produces a wide range of tone with incredible warmth and punch. The amp’s Compressor knob provides control over the bass dynamics to establish a smooth, even sound, while a Brite button adds extra high frequency attack. Undoubtedly perfect for practice/rehearsal settings, the TX600 includes an XLR direct output that also optimizes it for direct recording or larger performance spaces.

“We refused to compromise on tone for the TX600,” says President Jack Knight. “It was meticulously tested alongside our traditional linear amplifiers to ensure that the same level of warmth and punch was present. I believe the TX600 achieves this and more, providing exceptional tonal characteristics minus the backbreaking weight.”

The TX600 is an ideal amplifier companion for Hartke’s HyDrive Series Bass Cabinets, which includes the HyDrive 112, HyDrive 115, HyDrive 410 and the recently released HyDrive 210 models.

Available Spring 2016: $399.99.


  • 600-watt Class D bass amplifier that weighs 7lb
  • Classic 12AX7 Class A tube preamp circuitry
  • Tone stack EQ section including Shape, Frequency, Bass and Treble controls
  • Compressor knob controls bass dynamics
  • Brite button for increased high frequency attack
  • 1/4” Active and Passive inputs
  • 1/8” Aux input
  • 1/8” headphone output
  • Balanced XLR direct output
  • Rugged aluminum chassis

To connect with Hartke, visit, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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