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Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Lynne Davis, Derrick Elliott and Elie Afif to the Artist Roster

Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Lynne Davis, Derrick Elliott and Elie Afif to the Artist Roster

Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Lynne Davis, Derrick Elliott and Elie Afif to the Artist Roster

Trickfish Amplification welcomes educator and bassist Lynn Davis, emerging artist Derrick Elliott and International journeyman Elie Afif to the Trickfish family 

Lynne Davis

Trickfish is honored to welcome bassist, author and educator Lynne Davis to its growing list of endorsers. Lynne is a former instructor at the Los Angeles Music Academy, Adjunct Professor, USC Thornton School of Music, published columnist and author of 3 audio enhanced e-books. After 20 years of successfully surviving Los Angeles, Lynne has taken her considerable skills to her new home in Austin, Texas – the live music capitol of the world. Well versed in many genres of music, Lynne’s impeccable time, authentic groove and seasoned professionalism have endeared her to the vibrant live music scene in Austin. “Not just another pretty face, Lynne is a consummate bassist with thousands of hours on the bandstand and in the studio. She’s an excellent communicator, teaching everyone from the smallest kids the basics to helping serious players find that little something extra.” states Richard Ruse, Trickfish founder. “Lynne lives a very noble life; her commitment to music, the bass and especially to teaching is what compelled me to ask her to join the family. She’s the real deal and we’re a better company with her in the family.”

Says Lynne, “This is the only amp I’ve owned that will do anything I need a rig to do. It’s amazing that something so portable can sound so big. The Trickfish system reveals every musical inspiration I have instantaneously – whether I’m using my fingers, slapping or playing with a pick… Even one of my favorite drummers is in love with it!”

Derrick Elliott

Originally from Perkasie, Pennsylvania, Derrick began his career as a cellist. On the cello he developed an uncanny sense of touch and intonation which served him well when he switched his focus to the fretless bass guitar a year and one-half later. Throughout middle school and high school, he performed in the school orchestras and jazz bands and upon graduation in 2011, he was accepted into Berklee College of Music with a scholarship where he continued to grow and mature as a fretless player. He developed his voice and versatility at Berklee while performing in many different kinds of groups and styles. He now resides in Los Angeles, California and is pursuing his career by playing with various songwriters and groups including The Zeal Levin Group. He’s refining his writing and arranging skills with his progressive instrumental rock group, Alhazen. “We met Derrick at the recent Bass Player Live event here in Los Angeles and were blown away by his sheer musicality. His touch and feel are usually only evident in more mature players but Derrick is way ahead of the game. I think he represents the future and with his skill it’ll be fascinating to see how far he can go.” states Richard Ruse, Trickfish founder.

“This rig is phenomenal. It gives me the bottom, power, clarity, and punch that I need to get my sound. What I really love is the straightforward designed; the EQ and overall functionality of the Bullhead is extremely versatile and sensible and the cabs are responsive and loud. I feel like I can sound like myself with Trickfish.” Says Derrick

Ellie Afif

Elie has performed with many great players such as Rene Mclean, Mike Stern, Jerome Sabbagh, Chris Mcnaulty, Bobby McFerrin, Ranjit Barrot, Tim Garland, Ayden Esen, A.R Rahman, Zakir Hussein, Bobby Durham and Dwight Dickerson among others. Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Elie was first introduced to music at the young age of 9. Very quickly music became his main interest and he began training his ears by transcribing his favorite records such as Jaco Pastorius’ debut album, Weather Report, Joni Mitchell and other jazz and fusion records of the day. Elie quickly began showing serious talent and by the time he was 17, he had built a name for himself in Lebanon. During the same year, Mike Stern invited him to perform alongside him on a visit to Beirut, which further inspired Elie to pursue music as his profession. Elie then began playing regularly with Arthur Satyan, started taking lessons in upright bass as well as in classical contrabass, and also started taking a great interest in the jazz theory approach of Barry Harris who would become his idol. Over the years, Elie would go on to study with Barry Harris several times, in both Italy and New York. In 2007, upon receiving a scholarship, Elie attended Prins Claus Conservatorium in Holland for a short period and upon receiving a second scholarship, attended the Collective School of Music in New York. It was here that Elie was quickly exposed to the New York scene, as well as having the opportunity to meet many great players that he would also learn a tremendous amount from such as Matt Garrison, Tarek Yamani and Ian Foreman. Elie is currently based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, performing in various formations, mainly as Afif Jazz, as well as working in the sound production field.

“Elie’s music and playing are infused with all of the requisite jazz influences but also very influenced by European Classical and Middle Eastern music. He’s developed a unique voice and we’re honored to help him explore this true fusion of diverse musical elements.” Comments Richard Ruse, Trickfish founder. Says Elie “Love my gear, just received my beautiful Trickfish SM 112 I’m loving it, no words to express videos coming soon, I’m so happy, finally I can say I’m set!”

Located in Southern California, Trickfish Amplification designs and builds professional grade musical instrument amplification products created to inspire musicians to play and sound their best.

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