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GHS Strings Launch Limited Edition Infinity Steels

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GHS Strings Launch Limited Edition Infinity Steels

GHS Strings Launch Limited Edition Infinity Steels

GHS Strings Launch Limited Edition Infinity Steels

GHS Strings are delighted to reveal their Limited Edition Infinity Steels coated roundwound electric bass strings, available only while stocks last.

With more people setting out to become bass players and demanding very specific tools for their growing needs, GHS decided to revisit the Infinity Steels bass guitar strings and introduce a limited edition that would appeal to the modern player.

To produce the new Limited Edition Infinity Steels GHS began with the finest raw materials and used a finely-regulated coating process called MST (Metal Surface Treatment). This unique technology coats the outer wires which are then wrapped around a high quality core wire to maximize tone and endurance. The core / cover ratio has been tweaked and the E and B strings have been made with tapered ends to produce a totally new sound creating the perfect homage to the earlier Infinity Steels. They come in the following gauges: –

ISB-L5000: 40-58-80-102
ISB-ML5000: 44-63-80-102
ISB-M5000: 44-63-84-106
5ML-ISB: 44-63-80-102-126 (5-String)

The Limited Edition Infinity Strings enable today’s bass guitar player to express their own ideas and individuality while experiencing and discovering the the unique, timeless tone of the first ones. Just like the originals the Limited Edition Infinity Steels are coated in an easily recognizable red and give outstanding, extended performance life.

Bass players looking for a distinctive string that is dynamic and contemporary should check out the Limited Edition Infinity Steels. To find out more please go to

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