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Bass Transcriptions – Best of Alberto Rigoni

Bass Transcriptions - Best of Alberto Rigoni

Bass Transcriptions – Best of Alberto Rigoni

Alberto Rigoni has just released his ‘Best of’ transcriptions. He hails from Italy and is well known as both a composer and bassist. This book is wicked-good, covering everything Alberto is using in his tunes from harmonic tricks, odd meter phrasing, tapping and slapping pyrotechnics (Yes, pyrotechnics!), extremely melodic and catchy phrasing, and chord changes. The Best of Alberto Rigoni Bass Transcriptions is done in both notation and tablature, complete with bass tunings and everything else you need to accomplish navigating through this masterpiece.

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There are eleven transcriptions in all, done by Aiden Hampson. Songs include the Factory, Trying to Forget, BASSex, Free, Kikazaru, Iwazaru, Chron, Floating Capsule, Ubick, Bass Guy, and Future Funk. All songs are from Alberto’s discography including Bassorama, which was released on April 15th 2016, Something Different released in 2008, Three Wise Monkeys released in 2012, Overloaded released in 2014, and Rebirth released in 2011. Included in the review is the second page of FutureFunk, which is on the new release Bassorama. Remco Hendrix is performing along with Alberto on Bassorama on this tune. Check out the video as well!

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