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Eva Gardner Reflects on a Lifetime of Ampeg

Eva Gardner Reflects on a Lifetime of Ampeg2

Eva Gardner Reflects on a Lifetime of Ampeg…

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Eva Gardner is a first-call bassist who’s held it down for the likes of Pink, Gwen Stefani, Mars Volta, Cher, and Telstar. You might say she was born to play bass. Growing up in a rock and roll family, her dad Kim Gardner was bassist for the legendary British Invasion band The Creation, and his Ampeg bass rig is among her earliest recollections.

“He had a little setup in the living room with a Portaflex, and every time he’d flip that switch, that little blue light would come on,” she recalls. “As a little kid, I was always drawn to it.”

It’s hardly surprising, then, that she was drawn to Ampeg as her own musical affinity grew. “When I was in high school, and I decided to get my own amp, I went big,” she reveals. “I got an old SVT rig with an 8×10 cabinet! That was the first amp that I bought with my own money.”

Like any dedicated pro, Eva’s strength is in her musical versatility, and her ability to deliver her own unique sound across a wide range of styles and genres. And no matter what the gig, Ampeg is there. “Ampeg is really the common thread across any style of music I play,” she observes. “You know, you can play with your fingers, play with a pick, no matter what style of music I’m playing, Ampeg feels like home. It’s the one thing I know is going to work every time. I’ve dialed in an Ampeg tone, I feel like it’s me coming through.”

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