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iLOUD Revisits what Musicians Need in a Practice Environment

iloud_iklipstudio_gb_bFor most players, the idea of having a small, portable, quiet, practicing solution is ideal. And with the onset of the smart phone, products like the iRig from IK Multimedia have fit the bill just fine. But for those players that just can’t get around using a set of headphones for rehearsing but would still like some small practice unit, there is a great option in the iLOUD portable speaker from IK Multimedia.

While it may look like a simple Bluetooth speaker (the iLOUD has the overall dimensions of an iPad, and is only 2.3″ deep), the iLOUD is a lot more than that. At 40w total, it already boasts twice as much as speakers of comparable size. And while yes, you can use it to simply blast your favorite music playlist, that’s not the point. The iLOUD features an integrated iRig input for guitar/bass and dynamic mics, allowing you to plug in your bass, use the included 1/8″ cable to plug in your phone, turn on AmpliTube and start practicing.

So really, how DOES it sound? Upon initial use, I found that the iLOUD lived up to its name; it’s definitely louder than anything of this size in a practice amp format. The tone is high-fidelity studio quality sound. Using a bass that I am very familiar with, I noticed that the same subtle tonal nuances that are accurately displayed through my regular amps were still front and center with the iLOUD. While I used AmpliTube a little, the iLOUD worked extremely well for running through the iOS version of Garage Band, and quickly recording ideas while I could hear it clearly and cleanly.


The beauty of the iLOUD is in its portability. As the leading developer of mobile music-creation apps and accessories, IK Multimedia wanted to make the iLOUD as easy to bring along with you as possible. The internal battery lasts up to 10 hours with normal usage and auto standby, as well as being used with the power adaptor. Its size allows it to easily fit in the front pocket of your gigbag, ready to use whenever you’re inspired to create.

iLoud Features
Under 3lbs total weight
40 Watts total musical power — twice as much as speakers of comparable size
Superior bass response and sound accuracy
Bluetooth and stereo analog line input
Battery powered with 10 hours normal usage and auto standby
iRig® input for guitars and dynamic mics for iPhone/iPad processing
Highly portable — it easily fits in a laptop bag or backpack
Ideal for music reproduction and music creation

Click here for more information and purchase the iLOUD Portable Speaker

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