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Ready to Answer Your Bass Guitar Care Questions

Ready to Answer Your Bass Guitar Care Questions

Ready to Answer Your Bass Guitar Care Questions

New Website Goes Live with Innovative Product Advisor

Music Nomad Equipment Care announced today the launching of their new website The innovative Product Advisor feature offers care and cleaning advice for various styles, finishes and parts of acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo and ukulele.   Users click through a series of questions to focus in on the specific instrument. Once determined, the next screen highlights the parts of the string instrument offering care tips, product suggestions and demonstration videos showing how to take care of that specific part or area. For example, click on the “Fretboard” tab and the Product Advisor will ask if your fretboard is finished or unfinished. If you click “Unfinished”, the next screen shows you a series of wood choices ranging from Rosewood, to Maple to Ebony and more. Choose a wood, and then a series of products and tools suggestions are made that work well on that specific substrate. “People spend a lot of money on their guitars and want to use a product that will give them the best results and not harm its finish. We have an extensive line of products and want to make sure our customer gets the right one for the job. We get many emails and phone calls from consumers asking just this. This takes the guesswork out of the equation,” says Rognlien.

In addition to the Product Advisor feature, the new website offers a much more expansive listing and detail of Music Nomads 40+ products. Each product now has its own “How to” demo video, action photo shots and testimonials so that customers get a thorough understanding of what the product offers. Rognlien says, “We’re really excited to share our new website with all musicians, techs and dealers. We appreciate their support and hope that our passion for Equipment Care comes through loud and clear!”

About Music Nomad:

Music Nomad (, headquartered in Northern California, manufactures equipment care products and tools for guitar, drum & cymbal, band & orchestra, piano/keyboard instruments along with humidification care.   They won Best of Show for Add-Ons and Accessories at NAMM tin 2015 & 2013. Top equipment manufacturers such as Taylor, DW, Tom Anderson, Kala, Deering Banjos, Cordoba, Strandberg, Eastman Strings and many others use Music Nomad in their factories. Music Nomad’s products are in over 700 music retail stores throughout the USA and in 35 countries. They have a repair bench sponsorship program and a portion of every sale supports which helps independent musicians as a one stop information resource site.


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