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Hal Leonard’s Play Like Jaco Pastorius by Jon Liebman

Hal Leonard’s Play Like Jaco Pastorius by Jon Liebman

Hal Leonard’s Play Like Jaco Pastorius by Jon Liebman

Play Like Jaco Pastorius by Jon Liebman, Hal Leonard’s latest addition to their bass library of books, gives you insight into everything musical from Jaco! Things start out with a brief forward by Robert Trujillo then Jon goes into an introduction of what the book is about, including the gear that Jaco used, his basses, speakers/amps, effects, and of course the famous 1962 Fender Jazz known to us as the ‘Bass of Doom’.

Play Like Jaco Pastorius is broken down into five main categories consisting of: Songs, Essential Licks, Signature Bass Lines, Essential Techniques, and Stylistic DNA.

Songs include Donna Lee, Portrait of Tracy, The Chicken, Teen Town, and Birdland. Each song is given a brief introduction, and then is broken down into sections complete with an explanation and examples. A full transcription of the song is presented afterwards.

Essential Licks covers the various styles of music that Jaco played and has examples of what he may have used over particular chords. Styles covered include: Funk/R&B, Blues & Shuffles, Major & Minor Pentatonics, Arpeggiated Licks, Triplets, Natural & Artificial Harmonics, and Descending Runs. Each style is broken down with audio examples and is explained in detail.

Signature Bass Lines covers some of the most popular riffs known from Jaco including: “Come on, Come Over”, “(Used to Be A) Cha Cha”, “Barbary Coast”, “Opus Pocus”, “Palladium”, “Invitation”, “Liberty City”, “Blackbird”, “Rockin’ In Rhythm”, and “Havona”.

Essential Techniques covers scales, harmonics, double and triple stops, slides, vibrato, muted notes, and machine gun runs.

Stylistic DNA covers what made Jaco, well, Jaco. Stylistic DNA covers grooves, phrasing, stops, and passages.

Play Like Jaco Pastorius closes out with a suggested discography and DVD of all of Jaco’s works throughout his career. The examples in the book are in both notation and tablature. Audio access for examples are available from Hal Leonard with the book code, which is included with purchase.

Hal Leonard’s Play Like Jaco Pastorius by Jon Liebman is available here.

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