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Willcox Guitars Proceeds with Planned Expansion, New Dealers and Senior Management Changes

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Willcox Guitars Proceeds with Planned Expansion, New Dealers and Senior Management Changes

Willcox Guitars Proceeds with Planned Expansion, New Dealers and Senior Management Changes-2
PR – Carpinteria, California, July 19, 2016 – Willcox Guitars, an acclaimed maker of fine Electric Guitars and Basses and wholly owned division of LightWave Systems, has announced several milestones in their planned 2016 expansion.

With six national and international patents surrounding their unique technology, and the recipient of multiple industry awards, Willcox Guitars powered by LightWave Systems, are striving to be the new standard in the world of High Quality Electric Basses, Guitars and other fine string instruments.The LightWave Optical Pickups System is not available from any other manufacturer, and unlike other manufacturers Willcox does not offer traditional magnetic pickups on any of their instruments.

Company Founder and CEO Chris Willcox has appointed a new Managing Director; Paul R Wilson, to head up our Sales Initiatives. Mr. Wilson brings nearly a decade of MI experience to the table, having held senior management and sales management positions in the retail, wholesale and manufacturing channels for companies like Guitar Center, Daddy’s Junky Music, Lakland Basses & others. Wilson also has 10 years experience in small business consulting, focused on Commercial Real Estate Finance, REO Management, and small business expansion initiatives, operations and sales training etc.

Wilson notes, “Bringing disruptive technologies to the MI Market has always been a huge challenge, but our approach is unique in the marketplace; We make a very high-quality instrument, but we do it in a totally new way. Our necks and bodies are milled overseas but all of the assembly, fit & finish and final setup is done here in our California shop by our craftsmen. This way we can offer a truly Boutique-Quality instrument to our dealers and customers, and we can do it at a price point which will allow virtually anyone to experience Optical Pickups. Optical pickups are very serious tech, and they’re superior to magnetic transducers (pickups) in every way. They perform the same function, they just do a much better job of it. It’s not fringe tech or a fad… it’s a logical evolution.”

“The key to our future is our Dealer Network” Notes Wilson. “Our instruments are serious pieces in their own right, but people have to hear Optical Pickups themselves to understand all the benefits. That means having a wide dealer network, and we’ve recently signed Jive Sound in VA, Rudy’s Music in NYC, Basscentral in Florida, Bass Direct UK for European sales, Instrumental Music in Thousand Oaks, CA, Bass Club Chicago, The Bass Place in Arizona, Davis Guitars in Singapore, and many many others shortly. We offer our dealers a very attractive package, as we want everyone to be able to try these beautiful instruments.”

Chris Willcox states on the addition of Mr. Wilson to the team, “Aside from being a sales & operations strongman, Paul has a wealth of knowledge of the Boutique Bass and Guitar communities and we’re united in the mission to bring this innovation and these great guitars to the marketplace. We want to give everyone the chance to HEAR THE LIGHT!”

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