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Review – Bass Lines of Duff McKagan, Guns N’ Roses Live Era ’87-’93 Bass Transcriptions

Review - Guns N’ Roses Live Era ’87-’93 Bass Transcriptions by Aidan Hampson

Aidan Hampson has just recently added another artist transcription to his vast library. The bass transcriptions from the Guns N’ Roses Live Era ’87-’93 is yet another fine ‘spot on’ release. This captures the expressive bass lines of Duff McKagan in the finest live recordings of Guns N’ Roses career. Each transcription is presented in both notation and tablature. Tuning for all of the recordings is included and they can all be played with a 4-string bass. Noted right below the title of each tune is the location and date of where it was recorded. The recordings from Guns N’ Roses Live Era ’87-’93 was all over the world, including Las Vegas, New Your, Mexico, Houston and Japan, among a few other cities worldwide.

All of the songs from ’87-’93 release are included, 20 songs in all. Duff McKagan’s bass lines are very constructive and for anyone in the Rock genre, or any genre for that matter, his lines really flow well and time would not be wasted going through these transcriptions for inspiration in creating more impressive Rock bass lines. All the way from the eight note drive of Nightrain, to the funky bass line in My Michelle, to the subtleness of November Rain, to the ever popular Sweet Child o’ Mine, and Paradise City, these bass transcriptions will get you inspired and widen your groove library.

Songs for Guns N’ Roses Live Era ’87-’93 Bass Transcriptions include: Nightrain, Mr. Brownstone, It’s So Easy, Welcome to the Jungle, Dust N’ Bones, My Michelle You’re Crazy, Used to Love Her, November Rain, Out Ta Get Me, Pretty Tied Up, Yesterdays, Move to the City, You Could Be Mine, Rocket Queen, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Knocking’ on Heaven’s Door, Don’t Cry, Estranged, and Paradise City.

Check out Guns N’ Roses Live Era ’87-’93 Bass Transcriptions by Aidan Hampson available online in PDF format!

Aiden Hampson has an extensive library of bass transcriptions that you should check out. Everything from 70’s funk to Aerosmith, Prince, Queen, and Lee Sklar, to Alberto Rigoni, with new bass transcription being added all the time! Visit online at

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